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This illustration shows the jet characteristics at which air slows due to entrainment. At a distance of 29 times the diameter of the jet outlet, air flows at the rate of 10 percent of its initial velocity. The illustration shows the ratio of this entrained air to primary air. Notice at the 29 diameter distance, entrainment is 4.8 to 1. So if an outlet is supplying 200 cfm, the total circulation effect is nearly 1,200 cfm. Therefore an air distribution system with high entrainment will provide better, more comfortable air movement with a minimum volume of primary air.

Total Circulation

Our diffusers maximizes this free jet characteristic. One large jet is turned into many smaller diameter individual jets that are discharged across the ceiling in a 360 degree pattern. The result is gentle air movement thoughout the entire space providing unmatched uniform comfort and energy savings. Home